Our thoughts are with our North Bay neighbors as they endure the devastating effects of the fires. In this issue find out more about community foundations aiding wildfire victims.

MCF Introduces CommunityFirst

If you’re interested in creating double the impact with your assets, MCF has a new investment opportunity for your consideration.

Audacious Philanthropy

Audacious social change is incredibly challenging. It takes collaboration, government engagement, and persistence over decades, among other things. Herein we dive deep into 15 breakthrough initiatives, which reveal five elements that together constitute a framework for philanthropists pursuing large-scale, swing-for-the-fences change.

How the Wealthy Talk to Their Children

Knowing when and how to talk to your children about their inheritance is a challenging task. But it's a task that must be done so that they can prepare effectively for the future.

Habitat for Humanity Opens Mt. Burdell

On July 29, Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco celebrated the opening of its first multi-family development in Marin - and 10 families moved into new homes.

The Art of Listening

Contrary to popular belief, listening is not a chore. In fact, it's about the most interesting thing we can do.

Disaster Relief Organizations

If you're interested in supporting relief efforts for hurricane victims, we have compiled a list of the key organizations serving the affected areas.