What If... Reframing the Possible

TEDx Marin 2016

Saturday, September 17, 6 PM

James Dunn Theater, College of Marin in Kentfield

Speaker Program

This year’s TEDx Marin event promises to be a fascinating evening. Focused on the theme of “What If….Reframing the Possible” it hopes to better explore possibilities and bold ideas that may fundamentally shift our future. 

As always, the organizers have lined up a group of pioneering individuals representing powerful ideas of change. Whether it’s the search for meaning, joy, profession or purpose, or a desire to innovate and address global and cultural issues, TEDxMarin 2016 looks to inspire and illuminate the Marin community with thought-provoking ideas reframing our vision of what’s possible.

This year the event will be changing locations, moving to the beautiful 585-seat James Dunn Theater at the College of Marin in Kentfield. The gala reception will be held in the elegant lobby and gallery along with their expansive outdoor patio. And in another change-up, the date will move from a mid-week time slot to a Saturday evening, September 17, at 6pm.

Get complete details and register at tedxmarin.org.

Tedx Speakers1


MD, MPH, a pioneering physician, visionary technologist, and global philanthropist

Ending Pandemics 

A deeply personal spiritual journey behind the eradication of smallpox in India. 

What if in finding yourself you helped eliminate a pandemic?


Author / Artist / Educator – College of Marin 

A Prison Story 

Having endured 5 years of torture and other hardships as a political prisoner in Iran, one woman makes an impassioned plea for understanding the Muslim world. 

What if we saw Islam in another light?

Tedx Speakers2


Ph.D: Futurist / Author

Machines That Think

The good, bad and scary of Artificial Intelligence.

What if we do nothing to control machines that can think?


Founder and Executive Director, The Ever Forward Club

The Masks We Wear

Can we share our authentic selves while negotiating the often rigid pressure of cultural roles? There is surprising power in unveiling what we often hide, deny, repress or ignore. 

What if we showed the world what’s behind our masks?

Tedx Speakers3


Ph.D: Sociologist / Stanford

How To Talk To A Liberal/Conservative

Compelling new research on language and a response to political polarization.

What if new linguistic research held the key to bridging America’s political divides?


President & CEO: Search for Common Ground

Truths About Violent Conflict

Stunning new initiatives overcoming violent conflict in 35+ countries.

What if there was a way to achieve lasting peace?

Tedx Speakers4Psd


8th Grade Student, Ross

No Labels

We are more than our labels.

What if we re-imagined how we see each other and ourselves?


Cellist, composer, former member of the Turtle Island Quartet.

Cello Performance

Mark Summer is known worldwide for his phenomenal percussion and pizzicato techniques combined with bowed jazz and fiddle phrasing.

Tedx Speakers5


Humorist / Stand-up Comedian

Why Computers Baffle Me

One man's rant against the absurdity of error messages.

Get complete details and register at tedxmarin.org.

Last year’s event was sold out and featured many incredible talks. If you have 13 minutes, we encourage you to watch the finale below.