5 Questions with Johnathan Logan

After more than a decade with the Marin City Community Services District, Johnathan Logan joined MCF in March in the position of Vice President for Community Engagement, a newly created role.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a proud Bay Area native, raised in Vallejo with my two lovely parents and three younger brothers. Growing up in a diverse working class neighborhood taught me respect for all people and their unique journeys in life. I also learned the value of interdependence early on growing up in a good size immediate family, and even larger extended family just miles away. Respect and community are themes that have carried through my life.


2. Why did this position at MCF appeal to you?

I started my career in local government and community development in Marin City, with the ambition of driving change for people who needed a bit of support. Over this period, I was able to partner with MCF to do some good work towards this end. I have always been fascinated with the resources that MCF has available to address some of our county’s most persistent socio-economic challenges. 

The opportunity to join the team here as the Vice President of Community Engagement gives me an opportunity to help shape how MCF enhances interactions and impact throughout the county. This opportunity was very exciting for me professionally and personally and I couldn’t pass it up.

Johnplus Mlking

3. What do you hope you can achieve in this role?

I hope to be a great ambassador for MCF in the community and bring an extremely important community perspective to MCF. I envision effective philanthropy moving more towards the way of partnerships with communities (i.e. bi-directional relationships) v. the one directional traditional charity model if it’s going to be effective. Trusted relationships between the community and MCF make the former possible.

4. What have you learned about this county?

Marin is a wonderful county. It’s a special place with quality people, access to the natural environment, and financial resources to rival any community in the country. It’s also an incredibly generous community, which means that much is possible. And as the past has so vividly demonstrated, when there's a will to do something, things happen. I would love us to develop a will to create a county that’s poverty-free and where every single resident has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Johnand Ron Sims

5. Describe a perfect weekend

Simple… A perfect weekend for me involves time with Amber, my wife, fellowship with family, tasty food, good music, warm weather, and people to watch. The perfect location for said activities, not as important.

Johnathan Logan

John Logan joined MCF in early 2016 and is the Vice President for Community Engagement. He has 11 years of local government and community development leadership experience.